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Why Not From Wisconsin?

We are often asked…why? Not From Wisconsin is more than it seems…you might know the story, but the meaning is double or more. We love Wisconsin, we love it just fine, honest. More things are not from there than you’d imagine (us included), but that doesn’t make it bad or us worse. It’s a name, we think it’s memorable, we like it and we hope you do to, and the music, which is what counts the most. Listen and share…please share. What we want is to bring beauty into this world nothing more…now we need it more than ever.

Made up of Dave Yantorno (songwriter, vocals, guitar), Angela Yantorno (violin, vocals), Brett Powell (drums, vocals), John Young (bass) and Brooks Miner (keyboard), Not From Wisconsin has been performing it’s blend of indie rock/chamber folk since 2008. Not From Wisconsin has two records under their belts, a self-titled debut out in 2010 and the follow-up And Again released in 2015.

“Dave Yantorno, the songwriter, guitarist, and singer for Not From Wisconsin, describes his band’s music as “chamber folk” or “chamber rock.” Given that his compositions tend to oscillate back and forth between ripping, syncopated rock tunes and slow, meditative, country-inflected songs, both characterizations seem fair. Not From Wisconsin is able by turns to sound as ticked off as Uncle Tupelo and as pensive as Mazzy Star.” Ithaca Times


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Porchfest 2015
CD Release with Guest Musicians
Brett at Porchfest 2014
Angela at Lot 10
Dave at Lot 10




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